Un novio para mi mujer (English: A boyfriend for my wife) is a blockbuster released in 2008 and it is an Argentine romantic comedy directed by Juan Taratuto.

Main leading roles are played by Adrián Suar, Valeria Bertuccelli and Gabriel Goity.

There are 3 remakes of the movie:
South Korean remake directed by Min Kyu-dong, All About My Wife – released in 2012
Mexican remake by Pantelion Films called “Busco novio para mi mujer” – released in 2016
Italian remake called “Un fidanzato per mia mollie” – released in 2016


Tenaso (Adrián Suar) finds an unusual way to get rid of his wife, Tana (Valeria Bertuccelli) and he hires Cuervo Flores who is an irresistible seducer to try to charm her until she falls in love with him and so he manages to solve his problem.

Maybe you’re wondering “Why is he doing this?”. Well… Tana drives him crazy every day, complaining about everything, weather, teenagers, neighbors and so on. Day by day her mood becomes worst and poor Tenaso can’t find the courage to tell her loud and clear that he is tired and want to separate.

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