When people thing about romantic movies, they reminisce major Hollywood productions with legendary on-screen couples. From the Casablanca duo of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman to the Titanic tragic love story between Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, everybody seems to be looking to the US when it comes to silver screen romance.

However, the rest of the world has its own amorous stories to tell, and Europe has produced impressive films over the years that touch on the public’s favorite subject: the perfect love story. Here are the best five romantic movies produced in Europe in recent years:

3 Hearts (France)

It comes as no surprise when one of the most romantic movies in the last decades comes from France. This country has a weakness for love stories and the more tragically they end, the better.

Three hearts or 3 Coeurs is a 2014 movie from French director Benoit Jacquot that dwells on the dramatic stories derived from a passionate love triangle. The film’s main protagonist is Marc, a business man who falls in love with a young Parisian girl, Sylvie. They accidentally meet on a train and decide to go on a first date, but without exchanging any contact information. The inevitable happens, and when Marc fails to arrive on time, Sylvie decides to marry another man and move to the US. A few years later, Marc meets and falls in love with another girl, Sophie without knowing that she is Sylvie’s sister.

10.000 KM (Spain)

In this 2014 movie, Spanish director Carlos Marquet-Marcet explores the way romantic relationships are dealt with in an era dominated by technology. The film tells the story of two lovers from Barcelona who have to sustain a long-distance relationship when one of them moves to Los Angeles. Many modern couples can relate to this tale, and the movie indulges them with scenes in which internet connectivity, Whatsapp messages, and Skype calls become of maximum importance.

Another Year (UK)

Another Year is a romantic comedy from British director Mike Leigh that tells the story of a senior couple going through all the stages of a loving relationship over the course of an entire year. The drama unfolds excitingly with every season that goes by and proves that romantic films do not necessarily have to revolve around young people.

Brides (Greece)

Single mothers have a decidedly tougher time raising their children than most couples do. It is even harder for them when their romantic interests are in jail. Brides are the directorial debut of Tinatin Kajrishvili, and it tells the story of a woman who finds herself in this scenario and who has to overcome all the difficulties and insecurities that come with it. The movie received international acclaim and is considered proof that romance finds its way even in the most uncertain conditions.

Kiss Me (Sweden)

This 2011 romantic comedy from Sweden touches upon the intricacy of modern relationships and how love is sexually blind. The movie tells the romantic story of two women who have to hide their love affair in the wake of their upcoming weddings to their loving male partners. The film is written and directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining, the youngest ever female director from Scandinavia.